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Professional Tips of the Trade


Chemicals called sulfates are employed as cleaning agents. They can be discovered in laundry detergents, shampoo, and home cleansers. These sulfates are intended to provide a lathering action to wash away oil and debris from your hair. It’s likely that your shampoo includes sulfates if it lathers up readily in the shower. While sulfates are good at removing oil and filth from your hair, the sudsy effects of sulfate shampoo can take away too much of the moisture and natural oils needed to keep your strands healthy, leaving the scalp dry and prone to irritation – this leads to brittle, dry hair. It is important you switch to sulfate-free options that will help your hair retain moisture.


An old trick for healthy, shiny hair is massaging your scalp and hair with beneficial oils. It’s typical to lose 100–150 hair strands every day; frequent oil massage might help you if you’re losing more of your hair than usual. Rubbing oil into the scalp encourages pore opening, improves oil absorption and blood circulation, strengthens roots, and encourages hair growth while reversing the detrimental effects of chemical and other hair treatments. Increased blood flow to the scalp from oil massage makes it easier for nutrients to reach the roots. Hair oil increases shine by preventing the outer cuticle from expanding and developing a scaly texture. Apply oil to your scalp and massage it in a circular motion with your hands. Then, wrap your hair in a towel or shower cap and leave it on overnight.